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    How a Custom Designed Backsplash Can Add to Your Kitchen

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Without a little pizzazz, your kitchen might be falling short in the department of visual stimulation. Give your kitchen a life and voice of its own with some beautiful custom designed backsplash tile. When you create your own design for the backsplash, it gives you the following:

    • The Personality You Want

    Custom designing the backsplash gives you the opportunity to get exactly what you want. Instead of settling for something in the tile store, you can come up with your own design scheme. Whether you want an eclectic mix of different colored ceramic tile or a contemporary mosaic, you can get it. When you choose custom designed tile, you are in complete control. Your kitchen will be a direct reflection of your personality, which will instantly make it feel more like home.

    • Limitless Design Possibilities

    Break up a boring kitchen with some textured tile like ledger stone. Get a rustic feel for the room with a beveled arabesque tile in the color of your choice. Use traditional subway tiles in multiple colors to breathe life into the room. You have the power to incorporate any design you want into the room with a custom backsplash.

    • Complements to Your Kitchen Style

    You can use the backsplash to draw the eye to a certain area of the room. If you love your countertop stove, choose a rustic chic backsplash with an interesting design. Designing your backsplash lets you create the focal point for the room. Emphasize your beautiful wood cabinets with a creamy white subway tile for a nice visual contrast. Transform your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary masterpiece with a custom backsplash today.

    Order your custom backsplash from Mission Stone and Tile to get the best selection of discount tile in the Nashville area. Our artisan glass, natural stone, ceramic, mosaic, and porcelain tile selection makes it easy to update your kitchen. To learn more, please call (888) 815-2375.

    The Timeless Beauty of Beveled Arabesque Tile

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Fill your home with tile that gives it a new dimension of style and class. Beveled Arabesque tile is a great selection for any décor. If you need to incorporate some beauty into your home design, Beveled Arabesque ceramic tile is a great way to start:

    • Enhance the Backsplash

    Your backsplash tile does not have to be boring. Use Beveled Arabesque ceramic tile to break up the rest of the room. Its unique shape is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional subway tile. By adding Beveled Arabesque, you can transform the look of the entire room. These subtle and delicate additions to the backsplash will make the entire room look more beautiful.

    • Add an Ornate Character

    Use Beveled Arabesque as an accent to gently add a touch of elegance to a room without overpowering it. You can place it in the kitchen, bathroom, or even around the fireplace for a delicate and ornate decorative complement to your current style. Beveled Arabesque tile is understatedly beautiful.

    • Incorporate A Bit of Color

    Beveled Arabesque glazed ceramic tile is available in some stunning neutral shades that instantly improve the décor of any space. Choose traditional white and ivory for a classic touch of beauty. You can also get Chocoholic, Paris Nights, Sun Kissed Moroccan, and Up in Smoke. These deep blues and browns give your home a Middle Eastern flare. The beauty and grace of the Beveled Arabesque makes it look like some of the most extravagant flooring material available.

    The Beveled Arabesque ceramic tile from Mission Stone and Tile has won awards for its unique style and beauty. If you are looking for the perfect accent tile for your home, look no further than Beveled Arabesque. Call (888) 815-2375 or visit our website today to learn how you can get this amazing tile for your home.

    Your Guide to Mosaic Tile Choices

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Mosaic tile turns your floors into a piece of artwork. Finding the perfect mosaic tiles helps you create a unique and aesthetically pleasing design pattern. Use the following guide for choosing the right tiles to use in your home to achieve a rich and vibrant mosaic style:

    • Shapes

    One of the liveliest characteristics of mosaic tile is its shape. Whether you choose a circular design, strips, or hexagon tile, you will add visual stimulation to the room. There is also a great selection of specialty mosaics with interesting design schemes. If you want a really contemporary look, choose a more unique shape. For traditional spaces, the basic circles, squares, or hexagons will make a lovely addition.

    • Colors

    With mosaic tile, you have a great selection when it comes to color. You can go with a monochromatic style if you do not want the focus of the room to be on the floor. Use a colorful mosaic for your backsplash tile to spice up the kitchen or incorporate your favorite shades onto your floors and walls with beautiful mosaic tile.

    • Materials

    You can find mosaics in natural stone, glass, and ceramic tile. Based on your style and maintenance preferences, choose the material that works the best for you. Glass tiles can be cleaned easily, but they do not do well in high-traffic areas. Natural stone tile needs to be cleaned well because dirt, sand, and grit can leave scratches behind. As long as you use the right cleaning products, ceramic tile is easy to maintain. Ask about how to care for each material at your Nashville tile store to find the ideal material for your mosaic.

    Find the best selection of mosaic tile at Mission Stone and Tile. We work hard to bring you a beautiful selection of discount tile that works in every home. Whether you are starting a do-it-yourself project or are working with a contractor, our tile makes all the difference. Call (888) 815-2375 to learn more about our mosaic selection.

    To Find Out More About Finding The Right Tile For Your Home, Check Out These Great Online Resources

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The right tile fits into your home like it was made just for you. Use these resources to learn more about the different styles of tile and how to update the look of your house. For more information, please call Mission Stone and Tile at (888) 815-2375.

    • Learn why mosaic tile is a great choice for a contemporary home by visiting this page.
    • Looking for a great way to spice up your bathroom tile? Use this article for inspiration.

    Classic vs. Contemporary: Choosing the Right Design Style

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Every item in your home can and often is a reflection of your personal style. Whether you like more classic or contemporary looks, take the time to choose what you really love. When you plan to upgrade to tile floors, pick a style that speaks to you. Consider these classic and contemporary tiles to match your décor:

    • Beveled Arabesque Ceramic Tile

    This unique tile puts a new design spin on traditional subway tiles to create a look that will fit into both classic and contemporary homes. With colors in shades like Paris Nights and Sun-Kissed Moroccan, you will be giving your home more than just some great tile. You will be adding a new layer of personality. Beveled Arabesque tile has a universal design and cut that will immediately upgrade your home, no matter your personal style.

    • Mosaic Tile

    Make your home more contemporary with some beautiful mosaic tile to liven up the space. Each piece of mosaic tile is artistically created. Whether you choose natural stone, glass, or ceramic tile for your mosaic, your home will instantly look more elegant. Use mosaic for the whole floor or just the backsplash tile for a contemporary addition to your home.

    • Porcelain Tile

    One of the safest choices for a traditional home, porcelain tile gives a classic feeling to your décor. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes to find a porcelain tile that completely complements your interior design. Choosing uniform sizes keeps your floors classic. Mixing up the sizes will add a touch of the contemporary to your traditional décor.

    Find the best selection of artisan glass, natural stone, mosaic, and porcelain tiles at Mission Stone and Tile. As the best importer and distributor of some of the most beautiful discount tiles, we provide the tools to create an incredible décor. For more information on our products, visit our website or call (888) 815-2375.

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