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    Bathroom Remodeling Ideas-House of the Year

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The winner for the House of the Year for 2008 is a beautiful property in South Carolina. One of the most amazing rooms in the house is the bathroom.

    As you can see in this video, a gray color palate accented with crisp white makes the room stand out. The neutral color palate makes the space more relaxing, giving it a spa-like atmosphere. With tumbled limestone tiles on the floor of the shower and body tiles, the designers were able to create a room that inspires relaxation and rejuvenation.

    Incorporate some of these ideas into your own bathroom design with the help of Mission Stone and Tile. We offer an unprecedented selection of beautiful discount tiles to make your remodel a success. For more information, visit us online or call (888) 815-2375.

    Porcelain Tile vs. Natural Stone Tile

    Last updated 2 years ago

    When designing a beautiful kitchen or bathroom, you’re automatically signing yourself up for a deluge of difficult questions. One such question is whether to go with porcelain tile or natural stone tile—both are beautiful, yet they each have unique benefits and drawbacks. This article will help you choose between porcelain and natural stone, so you can begin thinking about more important matters.  

    • Application

    When choosing between porcelain and natural stone tile, one major consideration should be placement. If it’s going to endure heavy foot traffic on the floor, then it’s probably better to go with hardy porcelain.  If it’s going to be wall decoration, then the natural charm of stone tile may be the better choice.

    • Maintenance

    Everyone likes to keep a clean house.  As such, a tile that’s easier to clean is preferable. Porcelain tile typically has a glossy, stain-resistant finish that can generally be cleaned with just a towel, water, and some light soap. Natural stone tile on the other hand, stains easily and cannot handle certain cleansers with acidic ingredients.  

    • Style

    The decision between porcelain and natural stone tile should be based largely on your desired aesthetic. Porcelain is mostly used in more modern settings, while natural stone tile makes for a charming and rustic kitchen. Of course, both materials can be creatively manipulated to create a truly unique aesthetic. 

    • Price

    Since natural stone tile typically costs more to cut, ship, and install, it’s the more expensive option. Conversely, porcelain tile is much less expensive to develop and install. Many, however, claim that the price of natural stone pales in comparison to the beautiful aesthetic benefits it provides.  

    For great ideas and professional tile installation, contact us at Mission Stone and Tile of Nashville. We import fine tile and stones from all over the world—whether your kitchen needs an exotic flair or local, Nashville charm, we’ve got the goods. Give us a call today at (888) 815-2375 to find out more.


    Last updated 2 years ago

    When designing a home, designers often run into the problem of artificiality. Luckily, materials like limestone are great for giving a space a more natural feel.

    In this video, we take a tour of a California limestone distributor’s facility. Most people think that limestone only comes in boring beige; in reality, however, limestone comes in a variety of colors and can have many interesting textures.

    If you’re looking for a spectacular slab of limestone for your next home project, then contact us at Mission Stone and Tile. You won’t find a better discount stone and tile store anywhere in Nashville. Give us a call today at (888) 815-2375.

    Wanting to Incorporate Tiles Into Your Home More? Check Out These Great Resources Below

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Tile can undoubtedly add both decorative accents as well as flooring solutions to your home. In many way, the tile you choose can determine the value of your home. At Mission Stone & Tile, we are educated in what tile will work best for your home no matter your budget. If you are looking for new tile for your Nashville home, call Mission Stone & Tile at (888) 815-2375 today.

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    Care Tips to Protect Your New Artisan Tile

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Investing in high-quality tile can increase the value of your home while providing you with a wide variety of new design opportunities. With regular maintenance, you can have your tile looking like new for the entire life of your home. Here are some easy ways to regularly protect your flooring investment:

    • Seal stone tile after installation: Certain stone tiles, such as limestone and granite, are extremely porous, so they require a sealant to keep dirt and debris from penetrating their surfaces. Your flooring manufacturer can recommend the best sealing solution for the type of tile you choose.
    • Clean spills immediately: Both wet and dry spills can damage tile, so be sure to wipe them clean right away. Keep clean microfiber cloths in the home to gently wipe away spills as they occur. If a cleanser is needed, then use a mild soap heavily diluted with warm water.
    • Keep floors clear of dirt and dust: A dust mop is a useful tool for keeping the floor free of debris. Simply sweeping the floor clean every few days and mopping weekly with soap and water will make your floors shine. Tile shower walls can be kept clean by a simple wipe down with a microfiber cloth after each use.
    • Steer clear of harmful chemicals: Any acidic cleaner can be damaging to natural tile, so avoid vinegar and ammonia based cleansers. If you have glass in close proximity to your tile showers or backsplashes, then use rubbing alcohol to clean it instead of standard glass cleaner. You will get the same streak free shine without any harm to your tile.
    • Include rugs around the home to catch debris: Area rugs can bring a room together and dampen the echoing effects of hard tile floors. They also help to catch particles that may scratch the surface of tile while providing a soft surface for your furniture to be placed.

    If you are in search of beautiful tile to complete the design of your home, then check out the wide selection available from Mission Stone & Tile. We invite you to visit our website or call us at (888) 815-2375 to explore our selections of stone, porcelain, and mosaic tiles.

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